GlyTech, Inc.


GlyTech, Inc. was spun off from Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. (OCC) in April 2012 to conduct drug discovery utilizing our platform technologies and provide innovative biologics and low cost/high quality pharmaceutical ingredients based on the advance chemical synthetic methods for proteins and peptides through Glyco-science & -technology.


Apr, 2002 OCC initiated the Collaboration with Prof Kajihara.
Sep, 2006 OCC received research grant from Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) for the development of Mass-production technologies for Human type N-glycans.
Apr, 2007 OCC started test production of N-glycan at its pilot-plant in Tokushima.
Apr, 2009 OCC newly launched Glycotechnology Laboratories.
Apr, 2009 OCC signed a collaboration study with American Peptide Company, Inc. for glycopeptide manufacturing in commercial quantities.
Nov, 2011 OCC signed a collaboration study with Bachem Holding AG for development of glycoprotein synthetic technologies.
Mar, 2012 Published the results of the first chemical synthesis of hIFN beta in Journal of the American Chemical Society.
Apr, 2012 Founded GlyTech, Inc. (spin-off from OCC)
Mar, 2013 Spin-out from OCC

Company profile

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Company profile
  • Founded:  Apr. 2nd, 2012
  • Capital : 571 miilion JPY
  • CEO: Mr. Hiroaki Asai
  • Headquarters: Kyoto, JAPAN
Platform technologies
  • Manufacturing Human type N-glycans
  • Glycosylation Technologies
  • Glycopeptide Synthesis
  • Glycoprotein Synthesis
Business models
  • Licensing (glycosylated peptides and proteins)
  • Contract Research & Development
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Supply standard reagents

GlyTech offers

Custom synthesis services
  • Chemical glycosylation of your compounds.
  • Glycosylated libraries of your compounds.
Research & development collaborations
  • Screening for the optimized glycosylation pattern for your compounds.
  • Discovery of new drug candidates.
Deal structures: upfront, milestones, and royalties

Contact information

GlyTech, Inc.
株式会社 糖鎖工学研究所

Email :

134, Chudoji Minamimachi KRP#1-109 Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8813, Japan

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